Some Brawlers deserve a buff. With some brawlers, it takes tons of skill to use. With other brawlers, it's almost impossible to get kills with. This wiki is the communities ideas.

Buffs and Nerfs Edit

-Daryl: 10% damage decrease, when charging, he is invincible and cannot be killed

Daryl is a brawler that takes a ton of skill to use. He does a lot of damage, actually one of the highest in the game, but his charge is sometimes cut short because he dies. This way, his charging is more effective.

-Mortis: Super Rework

A rework for Mortis's super is the best, as his ability isn't very effective at getting kills. Instead, he should be able to make a trail of spikes and bats, and if enemies touch it, Mortis's health increases +200 and the enemy takes 400 damage every 0.25 seconds they are in the spikes.

-Penny: Mortar Damage: Decreases by 15%, Increase range regular attack

Penny's Mortar is quite annoying if you ask me. But his regular attack is a little weak. So this should make it less annoying but still get kills.

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