Alex is a conceptional character in Brawl Stars, and is classified as a heavyweight. He is a common, suggested to be unlocked at 1,500 trophies. He has high health but is slower than most in brawlers in the game. When he attacks, he clamps into the enemy, slowing the enemy down and doing damage as he is holding on. He should be used a little like El Primo and is probably good at Brawl Ball and Gem Grab.

Attack: Iron Grip Edit

"His Iron Grips make it hard for enemies to move around, probably causing a lot of pain."
Alex runs up to players and clamps onto them. If the grab was successful, which happens about 60% of the time, it will make the enemies unable to move and attack. Then you can drag your enemies around and let your teammates finish him off.

Super: Bottle o'Rage Edit

"His bubble of rage causes others to get angry, which may be handy in combat."
When his super is activated, a bubble appears around him, which lasts for 7 seconds. Teammates can use this bubble to get raged themselves, which gives them the ability to do 30% more damage and causes them to go 5% faster.

Star Power: Longer Hands Edit

"Longer arms means easier to attack. Unless his hands outgrow his armor."
Pretty simple. Longer range means that it can hit players easier, and this ability is here no matter what. It can only be unlocked at power nine.

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